Minggu, 12 Februari 2012


Hi it's long time no write..

little busy this week, still with my KP

but, I won't talk about KP here... :P

I will talk about... emm... when I wake up this morning

i feel so sick..

there is something wrong with my tummy

I cry little (LoL)

and then I turn on TV

I don't know why but lately I like to watching movie, then I switch on HBO channel..

There is a movie titled Charlie St Cloud, i think it's 'safe movie' because there is a boy there and it's looks like a family movie, so i watch it

It's Zac Efron's movie :)

and yah.. it's sad movie ! ! !

and from cry little I become cry a lot ! ! (LoL)

My mother found me cry and i just said : "it's sad movie mom" haha I hope she's not think that I'm cry because my tummy is sick :D

oh yeah, because I'm sick, I can't go to Momiji Matsuri today orz

My neechan give me a free ticket for going there.. but I can't go even if I really wanna go there!

I miss Jfest atmosphere so much...
huks (  y__y)

okay then..
just it for today

see ya

oh ya! did you know? I've cut my bangs again.. hihi so cute *oups*

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