Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

emoticon that I recently use

(°°)╯ ┻━┻
( ̄▽+*)
( ̄へ
(¬_ ¬!!)
o(_= _)o
 ( ̄ヘ ̄)d
Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*)
(^^)(^^ )
( `3`)
(   σ▽≦)σ
 ̄っ ̄)
(◎`ε´ )
(((( ;°Д°) σ)))

I don't have application for make an emoticon, I just copy from another emoticon user and paste on my MSWord
I think it's rather difficult to open MSWorld ever time I want to use the emoticon, so I prefer to place all of this emoticons here an just open my blog for copy and paste it for my twitter or facebook x) I think it's easier LoL

[no title]

such a long time for not blogging here

sometimes I just check comments and visitors statistic

yap, no new comment,

but the visitors increase day by day, maybe just because of a fairy tail cosplayer photo (where I find at google) that I re-upload, it's become a popular keyword (LoL)

a lot of things happened to me

but now I prefer to use twitter and facebook to describe my feeling

sorry honey...

and... there is one thing that makes me comeback here..

I just find something, well,, I'm not say it straight.. about "3 times in one week" ?

so ?


make me have a wrong perspective ?

but thanks, I'm so glad xD

just it

I have KKN for one month

hope all be alright

see ya