Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

kuroko (watch out ! spoiler ! )

finally I watch the final episode of Kuroko no Basket ! sasuga unbeatable Aominecchi ! but Kise,, he's play hard ! ! it's pretty cool ! He's not only copying Aominecchi basket style but also the death gaze ! ! *love love*
actually, all of characters have their own unique personality, so if someone ask me about favorite chara in Kuroko it's difficult x)
First time I watch Kuroko, I think Koga-senpai has a cheerful personality and I like it. ^__^) 
But when the story goes on I start to love Kuroko and then Kagami, and then Aominecchi.. and Kise too (LoL)
If there is someone that has a combination personality from Kagami, Aominecchi and Kise it must be cool ! xDD
ikemen, cheerful, sometimes become so Baka, sometimes become so cute, sweet, but sometimes become so scary too.. >///<) gyaa~   ..and afraid of dog,, (LoL)

can't wait for 2nd season  \( > <)>