Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

[diary] cuma mo apdet

kode title : [diary]
title : cuma mo apdet
music : Ancient Rain by ScReW

hishashiburi da ne...

last posting was on my birthday, actually i don't know what must i post this night, i just don't want to see that bday cake's picture again when i come to my beloved blog (laugh)

hmm.. finally, i just watch Visual Battle Royal from PSC on this morning, i get it from my friend..
yappari it's really really really entertaining...!!
They're all so funny!! (LoL)
I love how Byou with blindfold and harisen!!

aah.. maybe I was falling in love (again) with this guy.. #plak!!
that's why a new banner with Byou picture ^ ^

I love this scene so much.. I love Byou's forehead xDDDDD

ja.. sekian...

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